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About Our Company

It all started in 2012…

I always struggled to find a comfortable position in bed while watching my favourite TV shows. I used to stack pillows under my head or twist and turn hoping to find a satisfying spot. However, I always felt that something was missing. Maybe I needed a sixth pillow? Not quite.

One night, I realised that I was taking the wrong approach. I was trying to adjust my position towards the TV while it should be the other way around!

The problem was neither with me nor with the bed but with the placement of the TV set, which back then was installed in a traditional position on the wall in front of the bed. Looking there was inconvenient, so I decided to lie down comfortably and see where my gaze naturally rested. My eyes have landed on the ceiling, and so I have found the perfect place to install a TV in a bedroom.

I started to look for a product that would solve my problem, but I was surprised to find no ceiling TV mounts that could be installed on the ceiling and tilt down at a 45-degree angle. I dreaded the vision of stacking pillows under my head for the rest of my life, so I went to construct a suitable ceiling TV mount myself. Fortunately, I was working for a big electro-mechanical company at the time, so I had the manufacturing and technical expertise required to proceed with the project.

The first prototype of a Sigden ceiling TV mount was made of raw aluminium and while it was not very elegant it did its job flawlessly. I have tested it for a few weeks while fully enjoying watching TV in my bedroom, and I wanted to share this experience with the rest of the world. The first Sigden ceiling TV mount to hit the market was the SM01W, with other models following shortly after.

Currently Sigden ceiling TV mounts are available in almost all European countries and are occasionally sold overseas. Everything is manufactured locally with no overseas mass production. That is the only way I can oversee all stages of production and ensure that only the highest-grade materials are used. I make no compromises when it comes to quality, so that only the finest ceiling TV mounts leave the factory. Sigden uses CNC technology and quality powder paint line. All parts come from certified local manufacturers. Lastly, every Sigden product is individually checked and packed. The result is 100% customer satisfaction.