About Our Company

It all started in 2012…

The Sigden Way idea came to me one night when I struggled to find a comfortable position in bed while watching my favourite TV show. I had a eureka moment. I realised that no matter how many pillows I stack behind my head or shuffle around the bed there was simply no way of finding that one, perfect position that I would be content with throughout the duration of even a single TV episode.

The problem, turns out, was neither with me nor with the bed but with the placement of the TV set, which back then was installed in a traditional position on the wall, in front of the bed. I then decided to simply lay down in a most comfortable manner and look straight ahead to find a place where my gaze naturally rested. Turns out, that spot ended up on the ceiling above my feet. I have realised that would be the perfect place to install a TV in a bedroom.

The following morning I started to look for a ready solution. I was surprised not to be able to find a single TV ceiling mount product which had enough tilt down range to make that installation possible.

There was no easy way out – I had to make a suitable mount myself.

Fortunately, at the time I worked for a big electro-mechanical company, so I had the manufacturing and technical know-how to proceed with the project.

The first prototype mount was made out of raw aluminium and did not look too nice but it did its job.  After a few weeks of usage, I was sure that it was actually a great idea. I quickly realized that this solution had a great market potential, so I started designing the product and set-up a company around it. The first mount to hit the market was the SM01W model, with other products following shortly after.

Currently, Sigden products are present in almost all EU countries and we also occasionally sell to overseas clients. Everything is produced locally with no overseas mass production. That is the only way I can control all production steps, the materials used and make no compromises on the final quality. We use CNC technology and quality powder paint line. All accessories come from respectable, local manufacturers. Lastly, everything is manually checked and packed. The end result? 100% Customer satisfaction.