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Bedroom Ceiling TV Mounts

Bedroom dedicated TV mounts

We bring you more comfort and health

Sloped Ceiling TV Mounts

Sloped ceiling TV mounts

Our unique solution

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About Us

Sigden is based in Gdynia, Poland. It is known worldwide for its unique bedroom dedicated TV ceiling mounts. There is a long story behind our products. It all started in 2012...
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Janusz Czarnowski
Creative Innovations

Why Choose Us?

We are the first and only company producing such mounts. With no overseas mass production, we can guarantee quality and safety of our products and help you lead a healthy and comfortable life.
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Our Contacts

  • Address: Jarowa 16, 81-173 Gdynia, Poland
  • Phone: +48 669 699 656
  • E-mail: office@sigden.eu

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