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The Sigden Way

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The Sigden Way


According to the rules of ergonomics, TV screen should be installed in the place at which we naturally rest our sight from the desired viewing position. That is why when we watch TV whilst sat down on a sofa, the screen is normally placed on a TV cupboard or wall mounted at similar height from the floor. Watching TV from a bed, however, is inherently different. Anyone lying in bed realises that their natural line of sight rests at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, at the point on the ceiling, which is often located directly above the end of the bed. This is where your TV screen should be installed for the best viewing experience. That is how Sigden ceiling TV mounts help you bring COMFORT to your bedroom.


The traditional way of installing a TV does not take into consideration the viewer’s lying position. The viewer will be forced to raise their head towards the screen, aiming to mimic a sitting-down position. Usually for this purpose we put an additional pillow under our heads. Such position, with the chin bent towards the chest, is very tiring even for a healthy person. After a while it stiffens the neck and later can even cause pain. Further along the line our spine can suffer. Sigden ceiling TV mounts solve this problem. That is how Sigden brings HEALTH to your bedroom.


Put your trust in The Sigden Way and let us help you rediscover your home. Imagine that the bedroom is not solely a place to sleep anymore, but it now competes with the living room as the perfect place for a movie night. Enjoy your favourite shows while comfortably lying in your bed with your whole family and relax. That is how Sigden ceiling TV mounts bring REST to you and your loved ones.